by Death Overlord

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released July 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Death Overlord Valinhos, Brazil

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Track Name: The Deadlands II
In terra mortuum sunt
cernit primum civitati sanguinum
cujus dimensionem est gehennalis
animan viventem mundi terra!

bellum aeternum
fieri nihil
est quod apocalypsis
non est novum!

ubi angeli
trahunt alatum!
quo daemona
sine cornibus lacrimam!

in terra mortuum sunt
ubi ergastulis
nec at salvificem!
cruciatu tantum spatia intermissa!

enim, in quo passos
est cantus avis
in silva ossa
solutis doluribus musicorum!

natus est, ubi rediit
et insanis moriatum
corporis frangit
animum lacrima ubi!

dolor feudos!
damnarem silva!
intermitatis bellum!
fata damnatis!

the feuds of pain
the damned forest
the unending wars
the fate of the cursed
in the deadlands
in the damned dimension
that divides the living world
from the hellfire!

there war wages
there the apocalypse
its not new!

there where angels without wings
keep crawling!
there where hornless demons
rippes themselves!

in the deadlands
where in your dungeons
there's no salvation!
only eternal torture!

there where suffering
is a bird singing,
in the forest of bones,
the music of agony!

where sanity dies!
where madness reigns!
where bodies degrades!
where the spirits are torn!

the feuds of pain!
the damned forest!
the unending wars!
the fate of the cursed!

the feuds of pain!
the damned forest!
the unending wars!
the fate of the cursed!
Track Name: The Deadlands III (Reincarnated)
looking around
you see a decaying world
and you reincarnated
in rotten flesh!

the sky is red with blood nimbus!
enlightened simultaneously by thunders!
and shadowned by ghostly dragons!
giving chills down your spine!

everything seem so empty!
you feel alone!
a walking corpse!
stepping in bloody remains!

there lies many strutures
crumbling down!
seems to be cathedrals
with crosses turned upside-down!

the entire world look grey!
black mountains sitting beneath the horizon!
gray decayed plains stands toward!
and the white dust of bones fills the cracks!

is this hell?
you say in your mind!

a bloody dead face says something:
no, it is not!

you run away!
screaming and scared!
like a coward!
so frail and unarmed!

towards your running route
standing in front of you
horrifying walking bones!
eager to eat your flesh!

their bones where bloody!
with entrails hanging!
and so its eyes!
so terrifying!

finding a breach
you kept running and running!
but the stench of your rotten flesh
attracted local bone vultures!

harassed and bleeding!
the creepy vultures will not stop!

with enough flesh taken
they finally fly away!
and leave your fleshless corpse
receiving the same fate
that all the remains around you tasted!

now you're dead!
they'll eat your flesh!
now you'll join the others!
you will curse yourself for cowardice!
Track Name: The Deadlands IV (Well Of Souls)
you suddenly wake up!
after a long time dead!
you cant see your sorroundings
its too dark!

then you look up
and realize
you are in the bowels
of a well!

you are nothing more
than just a fleshless body
so dry that seems to be only bones!

without knowing how to procced
touching the walls blindely
you find a way!

then you feel a sufocating aura!
and passes through you a spectre!
you fell strangling, it got away!
and you kept coughing!

scared, you walked more!
towards, you see a few light spots moving!
and one of then came closer!
and showed a terrible spooky face!

black eyed!
slit mouthed!

black eyed!
slit mouthed!

then you realize
they are in countless numbers!
you cant run away!
you cant see the way!

you find yourself
surrounded by them!
they are getting closer and closer!
and begins to rip you apart!

your own blood spills around!
while the rest of your entrails flies!
your left eye pops out!
your bones crackes!

painfully you screamed!
then you saw a light!
then the spectres stopped!
and you saw shapes!

approaching you
they grabbed your hair!
and handcuffed you!
and dragged you away!
Track Name: The Deadlands V (Dungeons)
you opened your eyes,
you feel chained!
you cant move!
you are trapped!

its not dark as before,
you look around,
and you see hanging corpses!
every one and all of them multilated!

and so now you know!
you are imprisoned!
in a deep and bloody

you try to free yourself
from the chains!
but they are so rusted and spiked
giving less and less hope!

then you heard naughty footsteps!
whom kept approaching!

until you saw shapes
in black tattered clothes!

it was three of them
in bloodstained rags!
one of them bringed something
looking like rusty torture tools!

then you became agitated!
you know what they will do!
cold sweating!
you keep imaginating the torment!

the third one
grabbed two hanging hooks nearby!
and pierced one of them in your mouth!
and the other in your back!

the pain was awful!
and that was nothing
in comparison to what they could do alone!

the first one
took a tool from the second!
and they begun their filthy job!

you kept screaming without stopping!
for days and days being tortured!
by the naughty skeleton tormenters!
what seemed to be forever!

after months of torment!
you thought in a way to get out!
you looked at your rusty bindings!
and perceived a degradation!

moving convulsionely!
freeing yourself from the hooks!
the binding kept degrading!
and finally broke!

you fell painfully!
you almost couldn't walk!
but you recovered your will!
and runned for where you thought t'was an exit!
Track Name: The Deadlands VI (A Maiden In The Feuds)
you finally reached the surface
the way forward contains a path of rusty weapons

for your own sake
you picked a halberd
but you never touched one before
what will you do?

slowly, you keep walking
and discover a lonely village
so decayed and crumbling
with skulls and debris scattered around

the village seemed very old
with wood and stone made houses
you scare yourself with hanging bodies above

suddenly, begins to rain
and the path became slippery
you used the halberd as walking stick
but you were afraid to make noises

then you stopped moving
you saw a silhouette toward
cautious, you approached
and you saw a female with a noble dress
carrying a strange umbrella

she turned and looked at you
you got scared,
but she wasn't different from you
a dead bride corpse.

you couldn't move
but you saw pity in her eyes
she extended her hand to you
and you accepted.

considering your situation
you had no choice
endless thoughts were running your mind
might be a trap?

silent, she leaded you somewhere
until you arrived one empty house
in a room, you saw blood spreaded
and a head impaled on a spear

you became agitated again
but she said, with a sweet voice:
'don't be afraid, t'was mercenaries
they came and murdered my husband'
he will not come back,
please, take his armor, if you may'

you did what she said
and in front of you
with a rusty knife
she suicided

you saw that creepy scene
of her beheading herself
the blood spreading
and her head rolling in the floor

you felt sorry
and exiting the house
the sorrowful rain stopped
and you continue your journey...
Track Name: The Deadlands VII (Beneath A War)
walking blindely
outside the feud
you heard combat sounds
and you peek behind a wall

you saw heavy armored dead
like undead vikings
sharp battleaxes
and shining horned helmets

within the loud riot
you cold sweated
with the word 'war'
swinging in your mind
they were countless
you never would think
you will witness such battle before!

towards, in the endless horizon
you see another army marching
from afar they looked like ants

with the sun down
the dawn of the night
commenced the true war!

with undead soldiers
advancing in rage
and skeleton archers
firing spears!

when both armies
collided themselves
limbs where flying
and heads where falling!

limbs where flying
and heads where falling!

you saw, surprised
a great dragon of war
flying out of the walls!

he dives from the red skies
crushing several enemies
without pity
with raw force!

you noticed he were bony
with scary fangs showing
he look at you
with its hollow eyes!

with such a ghostly sight
you ended petrified!
you cant move a muscle
he was charging its fire!

a dark,
black flame
flows from his mouth

the hellish fire
has reached your raw skin
incinerating immediately
Toasting, burning with rotten stench!

Toasting, burning with rotten stench!